Wild Harvest Natural Cereal, Flakes & Clusters, Maple Pecan

13 g whole grain per serving. Cholesterol free. Real maple syrup. Our Wild Harvest Maple Pecan Flakes & Clusters Cereal is a wonderful blend of crunchy real pecan pieces, crispy corn flakes, whole-grain oats and sweet maple and brown rice syrups. It's a most tasty way to welcome a new day. This unrivaled medley of rich flavors and crispy, crunchy textures is great for breakfast with milk, or by itself for a crunchy snack. Why limit yourself to mornings, though? This crisp cereal makes a great foundation for a mid-afternoon trail mix or yogurt parfait. Wild Things to do: Wild Harvest Organic & Natural products are created to bring you and your family wholesome and nutritious foods with environmental responsibility. We work with farmers and manufacturers who share our values and our commitment to environmental stewardship of our planet and the well-being of the consumer. No 1: Leave the toxins, take the taste. Soil fed with organic matter produces healthy plants that make nourishing, nutrient-rich food. Naturally, flavor would follow! No 2: Save the planet. Organic foods help sustain small farms and safeguard the environment, protect the earth's soil, and preserve water quality. No 3: Protect the next generation. Growing bodies are susceptible to pollutants. We'll keep unpronounceable ingredients out of our food and away from your family. No 4: Order a safe plate: hold the 'cides. Organic Farming means moving away from synthetic pesticides and herbicides and toward natural farming practices more compatible with sustainable agriculture and land stewardship. Product of USA.