Annies Granola Bars, Organic, Chewy, Chocolate Chip

Made with Goodness!• No artificial flavors, synthetic colors or preservatives.• No high-fructose corn syrup.• 8g of whole grains. Meet Bernie!Bernie was Annie's pet Dutch rabbit. When she started the company, Annie chose him to be our "rabbit of approval" representing the simplicity, care, and goodness in all of our products. Dear Friend,Here at the Annie's office in Berkeley, everybody has a different passion: Some like riding their bikes to work. Some like harvesting the fruits and veggies in our organic garden. Everybody likes creating better versions of delicious foods.We believe passion is a super important "fuel" for a good life. And so is good food. We made these yummy, chewy granola bars to give you the fuel you need to explore the world and find out what you care about most.Bye for now,All of us at Annie's We partner with people & places we trust to grow the organic oats and the organic cocoa for our chocolate chips to make your organic chewy granola bars wonderfully wholesome & delicious.We work with trusted suppliers to source only non-GMO ingredients. Organic is Always Non GMO