Republic of Tea Cranberry Blood Orange Black Tea

Natural, unbleached tea bags. Steeps 50 cups. Fair trade certified. Fine fair trade certified black tea with fruit. Caffeine Content. Milligrams per 6 ounce cup 50%. Approved by the minister of leaves. A fruitful Cup. Ready to take on the day? A cup of this tart-sweet, fruitful blend is a step in the right direction. Rich cranberries are deliciously sweet and tart. Blood oranges are named for their crimson flesh and have a sunny citrus flavor. Every sip bring forth a flavor you will surely savor. Enjoy sip by sip. Sip by sip rather than gulp by gulp. Caught without your teapot? Use the Republic's round, unbleached tea bag. Create social balance one sip at a time. The Republic of Tea is proud to offer Fair Trade Certified tea. Fair Trade promotes balanced social, economic-and environmental standards in tea-producing countries, guaranteeing that farm workers receive fair wages and extra money to invest in their communities. Thorough inspections follow this tea from the garden to your cup. Every aspect of growing, processing, handling, storage and shipment is documented to ensure the integrity of this tea. For more information, visit Join our Tea revolution! We offer more than 300 premium teas and herbs with many available in sample and bulk sizes. Discover our offerings at: or call: 1-800-198-4Tea (4832) for a free catalogue. Please recycle. Only sustainable ingredients are used. Save this recyclable, airtight container to store refills. Certified Gluten-free.