Spindrift Sparkling Water, Raspberry Lime, Unsweetened 8 ea

We squeezed 28 real raspberries & 1/2 of a lime into this 8-pack of sparkling water. Fruit from farms. We've been waiting for you! It's no accident that you're reading the bottom of this pack. This was meant to happen. You were searching for something. Well, the hardest part is over. You found it and picked it up. It's Spindrift. Unlike other sparkling water that you aren't holding right now, you already know exactly what's in this box. It's fruit. We wanted our Raspberry Lime sparkling water to actually taste like raspberries and limes, so we crushed real raspberries and limes into it. The result is light, bright, and deliciously refreshing. It's quite simple, really. So - shall we? Cheers! Cans: Infinitely recyclable.