Apple & Eve Juice Cranberry

Flavored blend of 4 juices from concentrate & added ingredients. Calcium fortified. 120% vitamin C daily value per serving. we guarantee your complete satisfaction with this product, and welcome your comments and suggestions. Be pure be fruitful. If's a combination that's purely refreshing and so delicious. It takes the tangiest Cape Cod cranberries around to give our naturally cranberry 100% pure juice blend that’s distinctively crisp, fruity flavor. But just as important as the good things that we put into our juice is what we leave out. We don't add any sugars or preservatives, instead, we blend our cranberries with the naturally sweet juices of pears and apples. Fortified with calcium and more than a full day's supply of vitamin C, our 100% Naturally Cranberry Juice is cranberry at its best. Apple & Eve. Be pure. Be fruitful. Pasteurized. Gluten free. Bottled in USA.