Ore-Ida® Bold & Crispy Spicy Sriracha Fries 26 oz. Bag

Oregon & Idaho. Quality since 1952. Seasoned french fried potatoes. Pick. Prep. Cook. Flavor favor the bold. Proudly nestled on the Oregon-Idaho boarder, Ore-Ida potato experts have been serving locally grown taters from the heartland of potato country since 1952. Now with Ore-Ida Bold and Crispy Fries, the classic Ore-Ida quality you love has a bolder taste than ever before! Every bite contains over 60 years of french fry craftsmanship and experience, generously seasoned with flavor. Try all our varieties: Garlic and Pepper Steakhouse Fries, Smoky BBQ Oven Chips, Spicy Sriracha Fries, Zesties, and Zesty Twirls. If it's not Grade A, it's not Ore-Ida! Made from 100% real potatoes. Grade A. The Ore-Ida Brand is committed to providing the highest quality products. We welcome your comments. Please have the package with you when you call. Phone Us: 1-800-892-2401 Monday - Friday. Visit us online: www.oreida.com for delicious recipes. Write us: Heinz North America, Consumer Affairs. P.O. Box 57 Pittsburgh, PA 15230. Gluten free. Made in USA.