Red Baron Pizza, French Bread Pepperoni, 2 count, 10.80 oz

RED BARON French Bread Singles Pepperoni Pizza – Our single serve French bread pizzas are the perfect on-the-go pizza that can be ready to enjoy in minutes. Savor the mouthwatering taste of zesty tomato sauce, 100% real cheese and hearty toppings of pepperoni, all piled on top of our French bread crust. This unique take on pizza crust is flaky and crispy on the outside, fluffy and soft on the inside. Our delicious, cheesy pepperoni French bread pizza singles are an excellent source of protein and a good source of calcium so you can feel good about every single bite. Whether it’s part of a mid-week dinner, a late-night study session with friends, or a quick snack before sports practice, our personal frozen pizzas are ready when you need them. Easy to make and easier to enjoy, these frozen pizza singles serve up quality and flavor in minutes so you can get back to what matters. With two individual French bread pizzas per package, you can choose to bake one or both. Just bake the frozen pizza in the oven for 20-23 minutes at 375°F or microwave for 1-2 minutes followed by baking in preheated 425°F degree oven for 8-10 minutes. In no time you’re ready to enjoy a crispy, melty and perfectly zesty pepperoni pizza that will satisfy you on the go. Keep French bread pizza singles frozen until you’re ready to enjoy. No matter the occasion, you can count on RED BARON. You can quickly bake our frozen individual pizzas as part of an easy dinner, afternoon snack, or take them with you wherever you’re headed. Our French bread frozen pizza singles are so simple to make, giving you more time to focus on the people and moments that matter. Make on-the-go easier with a RED BARON French Bread Singles Pepperoni Pizza!