Sweet Earth Veggie Burger, Teriyaki, Extra Lean

Since 1978. Natural foods. Vegan. Made with ginger, garlic and green onions, plus gourmet grains - seitan, barley and quinoa. Gourmet grain. 14 grams of protein per serving. 3 g fiber. Plant based. Enlighten up, man. Pre-seasoned & cooked. Double down to sweeten the meal. It's a wheat meat world. For over thirty years our flavorful dinner ready recipes have been evolving to meet the needs of cuisine-savvy vegetarian diets. Now we've created a whole new class of veggie burger. Packed with not just real vegetables, but also gourmet protein-rich grains, you can consider each patty a meal in itself. It's the sweet taste of barley, quinoa and bulgur all in one flavorful, nourishing bite. Learn more about seitan and other healthy natural foods at sweetearthfoods.com. We use enlightened food traditions and farm friendly ingredients to hand-craft delicious and nourishing food. Always warm, vibrant and full of flavor. Our food is an intentional blend of plant-based protein, ancient grains, fresh vegetables and beneficial herbs and spices. Worldly and local. Wherever you are, share the craft of our California kitchen. Visit our website for recipes and menu suggestions.