Tandoor Chef Paneer Tikka Masala

Cheese; creamy sauce; cumin basmati rice. 16 g protein per serving. Naturally gluten free. Vegetarian. Meat-free. Always made from scratch. No artificial ingredients. Welcome to India: And welcome to our familys kitchen. Even found yourself wanting cheese for a main course? You're in luck - Paneer Tikka Masala is common in India. With our recipe, we spend hours grinding our own spices and cooking vegetables in batches to simmer in our creamy sauce. Then we roast our homestyle paneer (cheese), mix everything together, and enjoy over rice. This Dish Features: Cheese, tomatoes, turmeric, ghee, onion basmati rice. deepindiankitchen.com. Dive Deeper: (at)deepindiankitchen. To our family, the name Deep is, well, deep. In India it means lamp and enlightenment, and our mission is to share the best of Indias culture with everyone. Thats why we care so much about our food and every purchase benefits our Deepkiran (Ray of Light) Foundation, which helps children in rural India access education. Children we support each year 22,000+. Product of the USA.