Marie Callenders Pasta Al Dente Orecchiette Chicken Pesto

Orecchiette and a basil pesto sauce with white meat chicken, broccoli, roma tomatoes and parmesan cheese. Steams to perfection. No preservatives. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. Unbelievably fresh tasting. Authentically Italian! Pasta Al Dente selections by Marie Callender's feature only the finest ingredients inspired by the classic pesto sauces of Italy, Orecchiette Chicken Pesto features sun ripened vegetables with fresh-tasting herbs and spices. And now these authentic Italian flavors can be steamed fresh. Your pasta arrives at the table prepared to perfection - or Al Dente as they say in Italy. Enjoy! MyPyramid: 30% of daily grains; 10% of daily vegetables; 30% of daily meat. % of daily recommended amounts (USDA daily recommended amounts). 6 oz equivalent grains: one serving contains 2 oz, 30% daily amount. 2-1/2 cups vegetables: one serving contains 0.25 cup, 10% daily amount. 5-1/2 oz equivalent meat + beans: one serving contains 1-3/4 oz, 30% daily amount. Based on a 2000-calorie diet. Balance calories with physical activity.