Encompass Global Reach Prepaid Phone Card, $10

Card has no value until activated by checker. Great for International calls! Call anywhere in the world & save! Services are provided by Encompass Communications, LLC. Terms & Conditions: An additional charge of $0.99 applies to each completed call from a from a payphone. Calls are billed in one minute increments. If you are unable to resolve a complaint with the provider of this phone card, you may contact your state regulatory agency. Provider assumes no liability for lost or stolen cards. Please safeguard this card against loss or theft. Card expires180 days from last use. Customer Service: 1 -800-650-1589. International rates may vary from domestic rates and will vary by destination. Calls to international wireless numbers may vary from landline rates. Rates are subject to change without notice. No refund or exchange. Provider makes no warranties regarding its services and liability is limited to the face value of this card. Domestic pricing is for interstate calls. Intrastate calls may be billed at a higher rate. Cuba has the higher rate. Cuba has the highest international rate per minute. A one minute call to Cuba is $4.13. Country/ Minutes for $10: Australia/ 250; Canada / 400; Germany / 333; Italy / 300; Japan / 200; Poland / 200; Philippines / 120; Russia / 149; UK / 333; USA / 204.