DeLallo 100% Organic Rigatoni, No. 21

Since 1950. Cook 12 min. Made with bronze plates. Authentic organic pasta. USDA organic. Our Pasta: Our authentic Italian, organic pasta begins in durum wheat fields of Puglia, Italy, where climate & soil produce premium organic grain. Expertly milled semolina flour is slowly kneaded with cool, spring water, than extruded using bronze plates. This is what gives our pasta its unique texture: a coarse surface that will hug your favorite sauce & enhance the flavor of your dishes. With a traditional method of slow drying at low temperatures, DeLallo pasta retains its fresh-bread taste and cooks al dente every time. Named for its ridges, rigatoni is associated with Southern Italy where its tube-shaped body is perfect for chunky & meaty sauces. Visit for these recipes and more. Certified organic by ICEA. Made in Italy. Produced & packed in Italy.