Dannon Danimals Strikin' Strawberry-Kiwi Flavored Smoothie

Grade A. Labels For Education. LabelsForEducation.com. We want you to feel good about the snacks you give your kids. That's why there's Danimals Smoothies, a healthy and delicious combination of nutritious dairy and fun fruity flavors your kids will love! So good, you'll love giving your kids Danimals Smoothies every day, anytime, anywhere! Only the good stuff. No high fructose corn syrup. No artificial colors or flavors. Good source of calcium and vitamin D. For more information visit: www.danimals.com. A product of The Danone Group. Certified gluten-free. Contains less than 1% juice. Contains active yogurt cultures. Clip & earn 1 point for your school! www.dannon.com.