Mountainside Farms Eggs, Brown, Large 12 Ea

American Humane Certified. Cage free. Grade A. One dozen fresh. Grade A. 225 mg omega 3 per egg. No hormones added (all eggs are produced without added hormones). No antibiotics. Cage free promise! Our hens are fed a 100% vegetarian diet. Please recycle. Carton made from 100% recyclable paper. Healthy happy animals = better eggs! A family-owned company committed to offering great tasting, nutritious food products, Mountainside Farms is a firm believer in the fair and humane treatment of animals. That is why all of our hens are raised in accordance to USDA regulations and American Humane Certified standards. Everyone of our hens are raised in ways which reduce stress, and with adequate shelter, comfortable resting areas, sufficient space, proper facilities and the ability to express normal behavior. Our philosophy is that happy, healthy animals produce better eggs. Studies have shown a diet rich in omega 3 can help support brain, eye, and heart health. Our hens are fed a special all-natural vegetarian feed rich in whole grains and fortified with omega 3. Make sure your family tries Mountainside Farms UltraPure milk tool. A no hormone added. No antibiotic milk that is filtered prior to pasteurization to improve the purity and deliver what we feel is a fresher tasting milk.