Five Acre Farms Eggs, Grade A Large, Brown

Cage free. Positively local. Local. Fresh. Our eggs are gathered within 275 miles of your store. Meet our new farmers inside. One dozen brown eggs. Local large brown eggs. Carton made of recycled paper. Jeff, Cathy & Joe McMurry: 1st & 2nd generation farmers, Sunset Farm. The McMurry Family - Jeff, his wife Cathy, and son Joe - specializes in producing fresh cage free eggs, gathered to order and packed by hand, on their 80-acre farm in Argyle, New York. Their flock of red star hens, friendly and curious by nature, make a gentle purring sound when you pick them up. Jeff carefully monitors their calcium-rich diet to ensure strong, healthy eggs with a golden yolk. Five Acre Farms is committed to seeing the 3rd generation. Find out why local matters at We being the best-tasting local food to your grocery store. Everything comes from within 275 miles of your store. We find outstanding farmers using sustainable practices, pay them fairly and tell their stories. We think our eggs, gathered to order, are the freshest out there. Love our local eggs? Try our milk, cream, buttermilk, yogurts, kefir, apple juice, sauce and cider!