Citterio Mortadella

Slow roasted in classic brick ovens. Ideal for enriching sandwiches or cooking. 1878 - Milano. US inspected and passed by US Department of Agriculture. CitterioFresco represents a revolutionary packaging concept that locks in the quality, authentic flavor and rich color of our specialties. Ills just like they're being sliced and gently layered before you - but, now in a form that's convenient for you to keep and enjoy at home. We create these Italian-style specialties with the same commitment to tradition and unparalleled quality for which Citterio is world-renowned. Made in the original, authentic manner, this classic has delicate accents from select spices gently roasted into the pure, finely ground meat. Most popular in sandwiches, e.g., layers of Mortadella with green olive spread or marinated roasted red peppers. Delicious, too, as an antipasto, in a salad or in cooked dishes with beans, peas or potatoes.