Citterio Fresco Capocollo, Cooked, Hot

Coated with paprika & spices. Oven-roasted slowly for zesty flavor. 1878, Milano. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Citterio Fresco represents a revolutionary packaging concept that locks in the quality, authentic flavor and rich texture of our specialties. We create these Italian-style Salumi with the same commitment to tradition and unparalleled quality for which Citterio is world-renowned. Hot Capocollo: This is slow-roasted pork shoulder cut, flavorfully coated with paprika and other spices. It's ideal as a piccante option in a traditional antipasto platter. It is also popular in sandwiches or grilled Panini, e.g., with melted Fontina or provolone, marinated roasted red pepper and Italian-style mustard. Another Panino favorite: layers of Capocollo, slices or grilled pear, mozzarella and baby arugula sprinkled with lemony olive oil spread. Ribbons of Capocollo add zesty accents to steamed vegetables, in pasta or pizza sauces or in chef's salad with olives, fresh tomatoes, sweet peppers and romano cheese. Gluten free.