Cherrybrook Kitchen D.W. Cookie Mix, Sugar

All natural. Peanut free. Dairy free. Egg free. Nut free. Vegan. The Greatest Cookies in the World! D.W. was busy making cookies with her mom. Arthur is going to love these sugar cookies said D.W., They are better than any cookies in the whole world! First, let's get them into the oven so they have time to cool before dinner said D.W.'s mom. D.W. danced around the kitchen singing, yum, yum, yum. My cookies are the best cookies ever! Finally the timer went off and the cookies were ready. Arthur and his dad walked into the kitchen. Something smells so good! said Arthur, What is it? I made sugar cookies for dessert, said D.W., and they are the best cookies in the whole world! Let me test one, said Dad. Me too! Said Arthur popping two cookies into his mouth. Hey, don't eat them all. There won't be any left for dessert! said D.W. quickly grabbing a cookie. Don't worry D.W., said Mom. We have plenty of cookie mixes here in the cupboard. We'll make some more and you bring them to school tomorrow. They're safe for everyone to eat! These really are the best sugar cookies in the world, said Arthur. He reached for another cookie. Dad reached for another too. Mom and D.W. did too. Everyone laughed as they finished their cookies. I told you my cookies are the best cookies in the whole world! said D.W. and no one disagreed. CBK Sweet Rewards: Sweet Rewards is a program that rewards you for doing something you already do - purchase Cherrybrook Kitchen products! Simply collect the bottom flaps of your CBK mixes and redeem them for great prizes like t-shirts, water bottles, free mixes and much, much more! Visit us at for more details. We Understand Family: Patsy Rosenberg, our founder and chief baker, has multiple food allergies and developed these fantastic mixes from scratch. Her goal is to make life happier, inclusive and a little bit sweeter by providing safe and delicious food for all to enjoy. Everyone in the family or at the party will agree these are tasty and wonderful! Worry-Free: Cherrybrook Kitchen mixes are prepared on dedicated equipment that does not produce dairy or egg products. We have strict manufacturing protocols and we batch test for the presence of peanuts, dairy and eggs for consumer safety. Our peanut-and tree nut free facility eliminates concerns of cross contamination. Made in America.