Cat Coras Kitchen Cat Cora's Kitchen Smoked Eggplant Tapenade, with Lemon, Garlic and Red Pepper

Welcome to my kitchen! In my quest to offer you the best all-natural foods from the country of my ancestors, I met Gaea (Greek for mother earth), a company with whom I share a common vision on authentic quality and a passion for the healthy Greek Mediterranean diet. Love, Cat Cora. Meze - fingerfood, appetizers and small plates for dipping, to savor and share from the Greek Mediterranean table. Only natural ingredients used. Smoked eggplant spread has a rich, intense flavor and is perfect served as a dip with crackers, on crusty or hot bread and with vegetables. It can also be used as accompaniment to meatballs or fried fish. Chefs for Humanity: Proceeds from this product will support Chefs for Humanity in their fight against hunger. Med Mark. Product of Greece.