Cat Coras Kitchen Cat Cora's Kitchen Olives, Pitted Green, Seasoned With Chili and Black Pepper, Snack Pack

All natural. Sun-ripened. Hand-picked. Healthy & delicious on the go! Welcome to my kitchen! In my quest to offer you the best all-natural foods from the country of my ancestors, I met Gaea (Greek for mother earth), a company with whom I share a common vision on authentic quality and a passion for the healthy Greek Mediterranean diet - Love, Cat Cora. Almond shaped Chalkidiki olives are famous for their crisp flesh and great flavor, since antiquity. Totally natural and with very low salinity. We took the pits out, marinated them for several days with extra virgin olive oil, chili peppers and black pepper to offer you the perfect snack! They are a source of dietary fiber, liquid free, preservative free and full of authentic Greek flavors, delicious and perfect snack for anytime of the day. Proceeds from this product will support Chefs For Humanity in their fight against hunger. Carbon footprint: 0.0034 g CO2/65 g olives. Certified carbon neutral by myclimate. Product of Greece.