Boost Mobile Re-Boost Card, $30

Only for use with PayGo, Chat & Premium Plans. No value until activated at register. Not for use with Unlimited by Boost. Terms and Conditions: 1. Service credits expire 90 days from date of last recharge. Failure to recharge account within 90 day period will result in loss of unused credits and account balance will be zero. 2. If at any time and for any reason your account balance remains zero for a period of 60 days, your service will be terminated and you will lose your Boost Mobile Telephone number and walkie-talkie number and be subjected to a re-activation fee 3. Calls to Boost Customer Care and emergency 911 are possible if your account balance has expired. 4. Service credits are non-transferable and non-refundable, and can only be used with PayGo Chat and Premium Plans. 5. Cellular calls are charged in one-minute increments and are charged when the call is connected. 6. Current rates, coverage area, and other information including Agreement updates are available by visiting, your Boost Mobile retailer, or by calling Boost Customer Care at l-888-B00ST4U or 611 from your handset (this is a free call). 7. Some wireless applications may be downloaded and paid for by deducting the amount of the application's price from your account balance. 8. Rates are subject to change without notice. 9. International dialing capabilities may be enabled by request by calling Boost Customer Care. 10. Service not available in all Nextel coverage areas. By using the Boost Mobile service or phone or by increasing your account balance, you acknowledge your consent to the agreement provided with your phone at the time of purchase and available updates. If you do not have a copy of the agreement or its updates, please visit your Boost Mobile authorized retailer, call Boost Customer Care, or visit