Bengay Pain Relieving Patch Regular Strength - 5 CT

Bengay® Ultra Strength Regular Pain Relieving Patch. Menthol topical analgesic patch. Powerful pain relief. Deep, penetrating heat. Regular size. Good for neck to arm. 5 individually sealed patches. 3.9in x 5.5in (10cm x 14cm). Powerful pain relief. Deep penetrating heat. Convenient, no mess. Easy to remove backing. Soft, breathable adhesive pad. Pain relieving hydrogel layer. Ultra strength Bengay® pain relieving patches provide concentrated, deep-penetrating heat in a self-adhesive patch that targets your pain so you have more flexibility and mobility in your muscles and joints. Apply one ultra strength Bengay® Pain Relieving Patch to the site of pain to deliver the relief you need wherever you need it most. Note: the patch will first feel cool before generating a warming sensation. For best results, please ensure that skin is clean and dry before applying. Convenient, regular size best for: Back. Legs. Shoulders. Neck. Arms. Also available in large size. Uses: Temporarily relieves minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with: Simple backache. Arthritis. Strains. Bruises. Sprains. Questions Call toll-free 800-223-0182 or 215-273-8755 (collect). ©J&J CCI 2013.