Bridgeview Blue Moon Riesling, Oregon

This elegant Riesling, from selected grapes grown in the cool Oregon climate, presents an intense aroma of ripe apples and a fresh honey-spice bouquet. Exceptional quality wine - in a box. Forget what you've thought of boxed wines in the past; now our same high quality Blue Moon premium Oregon wines are available to you at a great value, in this innovative and eco-minded packaging. Stays fresh for weeks after opening. Inside this box is a vacuum sealed bag, which prevents the oxidation that can begin to deteriorate a bottled wine only a few days after it's been opened. That means you can enjoy a glass of wine from this box anytime (responsibly, please) without the worry of finishing a bottle. Eco-friendly. The bag-in-a-box recyclable package requires far less energy to produce and transport, which reduces the carbon footprint considerably, compared to heavy glass bottles. Alc. 11.5% by vol.