Beefeater London Dry Gin 88p 1.75L Bottle

Distilled from 100% grain spirit. Imported. Beefeater Gin is born of a cherished tradition of fine ingredients and expertise. Since the 1800s the Beefeater recipe has combined the flavour of wild juniper and spicy coriander with the subtle sweetness of angelica and the tang of Seville oranges, to create a perfectly balanced and unashamedly characterful gin of depth and integrity. The secret of Beefeater's unique recipe is as safely guarded as the Tower of London, which is protected by the Yeomen guards, more popularly known as Beefeaters, and who have guarded the Tower of London and its precious contents for almost a 1000 years. Beefeater the world's most sought after premium gun. 47% Alc./Vol, Distilled and bottled in the U.K.