Sierra Nevada Porter Beer 6–12 fl. oz. Pack

Bottled conditioned. Dark, roasty porters are a robust and classic style, and a favorite of ours since the start. This is our take on thevenerable style brewed in the hop-forward American tradition. It features rich, roasted malts with bittersweet notes of baking chocolate and coffee balanced by the bright, citrusy tang of whole-cone hops. 1968 A young Ken Grossman became a homebrewer when he brewed his first batch of beer, a stout. 1976 Ken opened a homebrewing shop on Chico, California. 1978 Homebrewing became legal in California. 1980 Ken started Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. with just a few thousand dollars and some used dairy equipment. Today Ken his family own 100% of Sierra Nevada Brewwing Co., one of the most successful independent craft breweries in America. 100% family owned, operated & argued over. Fresh seal cap. Please recycle. ZeroWaste Certified: US zero waste business council.