Mike's Strawberry Margarita - 6 PK

Premium malt beverage. Authentic margarita taste. Made with natural lime juice and agave nectar. Cold. Hard. Refreshing. If you had a strawberry path, youd have done the same thing. The chips aren't really down until you are out of dip. Mike loves a good margarita, so before he would put his name on one, he tasted hundreds of margaritas until he found the perfect balance of taste and refreshment. Mike's Classic Margarita; perfectly blended. Ready to drink. Twitter: (Hashtag)mikesisms. Share yours. Mike's thinks your two cents are worth a lot. Give us yours at www.mikeshard.com/twocents or share your isms. Twitter: (Hashtag)mikesisms. Flavored beer. Mike's is hard. So is prison. Don't drive drunk. Please recycle. 5% alc/vol.