Henry Weinhard's 12 Oz India Pale Ale 12 Pk Glass Bottles

Pacific northwest ale. Since 1856. Brewed with Cascade hops. From the 44th latitude. The clear waters and fertile soil found on the 44th parallel drew Henry Weinhard to the Pacific NW in 1856. They still inspire our award-winning beers. There's something about the way the sun hits the land on the 44th parallel that creates the perfect growing conditions. It's evidenced around the globe from grape vines in Burgundy to cherry orchards in Michigan. It's no coincidence Henry Weinhard traveled all the way from Germany to open his brewery here back in 1856. Henry knew that this particular slice of the 44th parallel produces the world's best hops. These hops, along with clean glacial water from the Mt. Hood Reservoir, allowed Henry to make a world-class brew made with ingredients found here in the Pacific Northwest. Nature made this land a paradise for beer and we're returning the favor, so raise a glass with us and make a toast to life on the 44th parallel. Show reserve. Drink responsibly.