Est 2004. Beer is culture. Infinite loop IPA series. Hazy IIPA with Enigma, galaxy, & vic secret. Tropical. Extra-smooth. Reflection. We could call this one a lot of things. A reflected duplication, maybe. A beer reversed in the direction perpendicular to the surface - or an optical effect that results from the reflection off substances such as water (or beer). Here's what you have to know: when you flip the script and scour the Southern Hemisphere for your hops, you can create huge, explosive flavors that express themselves as insane blasts of fruity and tropical notes with remarkable complexity. You just can't get these flavors from anywhere else. Now it's your turn - flip it one more time. Bottoms up. 8.0% ABV. 16 IBU. 6 SRM. The Infinite Loop is a series of IPAs on never-ending rotation inspired by our small batch innovations. Certified Independent Craft Brewers Association. Follow us on social (at)sixpoint. Got question? Feedback? Hit us up: beer(at) Curious about the different badge shapes on our packaging? Top fermenting Ale; Bottom fermenting Lager. 16 6 8.0% alc by vol. 16