Sixpoint Bengali IPA - 6 Pack

One might imagine this beer was named in historical reference to colonial-era shipments of hop-forward ale to East India, but it is really a much more recent (and humble) story. In 2004, the mad scientists were tasting the initial formulations during an epic video game marathon. Poured into a glass, the Bengali's golden orange hue - and stripes of white lacing left behind after hearty gulps - were reminiscent of a tiger. While we could suggest what food this beer pairs well with, or which glass to serve it in, the most important thing to remember is: even though we may take beer very seriously, we don't take ourselves too seriously. It's mad science. Craft ales. Beer is culture. 69 IBU. 11 SRM. Ale. Est 2004. Got questions? Feedback? Want to vent? Hit us up. Beer for beasts. Please recycle. 6.5% alc. by vol. Formulated by the mad scientists. Six Point Brewery, Brooklyn, New York.