18 Rabbits Granola, Veritas, Organic

Hazelnut, walnut and cacao nibs with oats, coconut, pumpkin seeds and flax. USDA organic. No wheat or dairy ingredients. Low sugars. Excellent source of whole grains. Enjoy our granola bars too! My Story: We didn't realize that Blackjack our childhood rabbit was a girl until a wild rabbit kept visiting our backyard. Soon a band of 18 bunnies was hopping outside the kitchen where my mom made her amazing granola. The magic of both inspired me to create simple authentic granola and bars in my own kitchen to share with you. I hope 18 Rabbits bring to mind your favorite childhood memory. - Alison. 18 Rabbits, 18 ways (Fabulous ways to enjoy our granola). No 4: Grill figs and serve with a dollop of cashew cream, a drizzle of honey and dusting of granola. No. 7: Substitute half the flour in a fruit crisp for granola atop blackberries. No. 9: Top your baked sweet potato for some crunch. No. 16: Sprinkle on top of a pear and goat cheese salad. For all 18 ways to enjoy our granola, visit us at 18Rabbits.com. What are you nibbling on? A bowl of mmmm, that's what - delicate and crispy texture, mildly sweet with a hint of chocolate from the crunchy cacao nibs. Sounds fancy, but nibs are just a piece of the lightly crushed cacao bean. All chocolate hails from the cacao beans, which grow in pods in the rainforest. USDA organic. Certified organic by CCOF. Made in the USA.