Dole® Protein Açaí Bowls 6 oz. Container

Acai blend with fruit & granola. 230 calories per serving. Good source of protein. Non GMO (No genetically modified (or engineered) ingredients). Protein. What's Inside: A refreshing blend of acai, bananas, honey & almond butter. Topped with pineapple blueberries, honey oat granola, protein crisps & almond bits. Acai: (Ah-sah-yee). Born from the acai palm found in the tropics of Brazil, the alai berry has been a part of Amazonian diets for generations. Its distinctive flavor is often combined with other fruits in smoothies and in bowls to create a refreshing taste and texture you're sure to love. From the Amazon! Satisfaction guaranteed. Connect with us (at)dolesunshine. Visit to learn more about our products. Call 1-800-232-8888.